Novaferm AB develops, manufactures and markets, complete fermenter systems for use in laboratory and industrial applications.

If you need a customized solution in the field of biotechnologies, Novaferm is the ideal partner to find the solution that suits your specific needs. Vi are active in Pharmaceutical. Nutraceutical, Food Biotechnologies, Milk and Dairy Farming, Chemicals and general Process Plants.

Cell Fermenters

Most cells are very fragile and sensitive to gas bubbles and gentle agitation and oxygenation systems are therefore necessary. If the cell is anchorage-dependent, this means special requirements for the vessel. For cultures in suspension, the conventional fermenter vessel with certain modifications can often be used. Conversion kits with bottom-mounted, magnetically coupled agitators, are available for the Novaferm standard fermenters.

The Novaferm cell-cultivation systems are designed for optimal reliable growth of animal and plant cells in an easy, controllable way. The product program includes systems for cells in suspension and/or on microcarrier support. The cultivation volume range is laboratory scale 3—20 l, pilot plant scale 5—75 I and industrial scale 20—1 000 I utile volumes. The basic concept is gently stirred reactors, a well-defined and controlled environment and aseptic design for safe operation over long cultivation periods.

Oxygenation of cell cultures is sometimes a problem because of the sensitive nature of the cell and foaming due to serum in the culture media.

Novaferm AB has developed oxygenation methods available as various products in the Novaferm program.

In small vessels and in process with moderate oxygen demand, surface aeration/oxygenation may be the best solution. The head space gas is continuously changed for a suitable gas mixture. To increase diffusion, a special surface-braking "comb" may be mounted on the agitator shaft.

The supply cabinet/drive unit contains tubing, valves, pumps etc. for distribution of thermostated water, steam, process gases and electricity and is controlled by the Novaferm Fermenter Control System.

A variety of measurement systems in addition to the basic control modules are available, e.g. for gas analysis, turbidity, etc.

Addition of different chemicals, such as alkali/acid or anti-foam agent, can be provided by fixed-speed pumps (or pressurised vessels).

The fermenter vessel, made of high-quality, acid proof stainless steel, is in its laboratory version mounted directly on the drive unit by means of a quick connector.

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