Novaferm AB develops, manufactures and markets, complete fermenter systems for use in laboratory and industrial applications.

If you need a customized solution in the field of biotechnologies, Novaferm is the ideal partner to find the solution that suits your specific needs. Vi are active in Pharmaceutical. Nutraceutical, Food Biotechnologies, Milk and Dairy Farming, Chemicals and general Process Plants.


The fermenter vessel, made of high-quality, acid proof stainless steel, is in its laboratory version mounted directly on the drive unit by means of a quick connector.

The pilot version is mounted on a mobile stand (total volume up to 200 I) and may be tiltable to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. The industrial vessel type is mounted on a fixed stand, may be tiltable and is often skid-mounted together with the piping and control cabinet. All vessels are jacketed and sterilisation is carried out in situ. Connection between vessel and supply unit is achieved by flexible tubing for easy detachment and prevention of external influence when using load sensors. The process gas is fed to the culture through a sterile filter directly attached to the vessel. The top mounted agitator is magnetically coupled to minimize the risk of contamination. All process connections are 25 mm, sealed with 0-rings and sterilisable in situ. Steam-sealed lid and connections are available as options, e.g. for pathogenic processes.
A viewing glass is mounted in the side of laboratory fermenters and in the lid or top of pilot and industrial vessels.
All internal components, such as gassing system, agitator and perfusion sieves, can easily be removed to facilitate cleaning or replaced for changing processes.

The basic set-up includes filters, propeller, inlet and outlet tubes, valves for aseptic sampling, membrane penetrators, extra filters, basic spares and a set of tools.

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