Novaferm AB develops, manufactures and markets, complete fermenter systems for use in laboratory and industrial applications.

If you need a customized solution in the field of biotechnologies, Novaferm is the ideal partner to find the solution that suits your specific needs. Vi are active in Pharmaceutical. Nutraceutical, Food Biotechnologies, Milk and Dairy Farming, Chemicals and general Process Plants.

Special Offers

We are tidyng up our stock of demo and exhibition equipment!

The fermenter vessels, will be sold to substantially reduced prices.

Aerobe fermenter with double jacket, bottom mounted magnetically coupled agitator, baffles, filter housings for sterile filters, 25 mm electrode connectors in lid, viewing glass and stand. 


Novaferm AB Gjuterivägen 6M,  SE-31132 FALKENBERG SWEDEN