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Oxygenation Systems

Oxygenation of cell cultures is sometimes a problem because of the sensitive nature of the cell and foaming due to serum in the culture media.

Novaferm AB has developed oxygenation methods available as various products in the Novaferm program.

In small vessels and in process with moderate oxygen demand, surface aeration/oxygenation may be the best solution. The head space gas is continuously changed for a suitable gas mixture. To increase diffusion, a special surface-braking "comb" may be mounted on the agitator shaft.

In some cases, gentle sparging of pure oxygen (or air) is possible if the cells are not too sensitive and serum content of the medium is low. Sparging is, in these cases, done via a sintered sparger.

For microcarrier cultures, sparging can be done inside a rotating sieve cage. The sieve mesh allows the medium to pass and prevents the microcarriers (with attached cells) from coming into contact with the gas bubbles. Rotation of the sieve prevents clogging.

Oxygenation can also be achieved by diffusion through membranes made from e.g. silicone.

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