Novaferm AB develops, manufactures and markets, complete fermenter systems for use in laboratory and industrial applications.

If you need a customized solution in the field of biotechnologies, Novaferm is the ideal partner to find the solution that suits your specific needs. Vi are active in Pharmaceutical. Nutraceutical, Food Biotechnologies, Milk and Dairy Farming, Chemicals and general Process Plants.

Specification of Control System

The Novaferm Fermenter Control System is a microprocessor control system for direct digital control of fermentation processes based on programmable logical controllers (PLC) from the SIMATIC S7 (Siemens) family. The modular concept allows control of fermenter systems from laboratory to industry scale. The system operates as a powerful stand alone control system, for the basic fermenter controls, including sequence control, PID control, cascade controls etc.

The operator interface (HMI) is based on a standard Pentium PC with special operator software (PC Operator Program) operating under WNT/W2K/WXP.


The Novaferm Fermenter Control System supports communication with external systems via PROFIBUS.

The control system is available in table top or panel mounted executions.

Operator Unit

The operator interface (HMI) consists of a Pentium or Pentium-Pro PC loaded with the Operator Program. The PC is connected to the control system via a serial interface RS232.

The operator program is running under Windows WNT/W2K/WXP and consists of menus that the operator controls from a key board, mouse or by other tracking tool. All necessary functions in the PLC unit can be reached from the screen and complete programming of the process can be done.

Process data can be logged to file and printer. Logged data can be processed in e.g. Microsoft Excel.

The process definition can be saved to file for future use.

The operator program gives the possibility for graphic presentation of real time data from all analog inputs.

Alarms are indicated acoustically and visually on the screen and information about time and event is indicated.

To facilitate operation of the program all menus have a instructive help page.

I/O Unit

The I/O unit is mounted on a 19" profile and contained in separate cabinet (table top) or mounted directly in the instrument part of the piping cabinet. The unit consist of a power module (24 VDC) a CPU unit, digital output module(s) , analog input module(s) and a communication module. As an option the unit can be equipped with interface for communication with other Novaferm Fermenter Control Systems via PROFIBUS .

I/O Modules

The I/O modules comprise analog signal modules in combination with special signal transmitters for sensors in fermentation processes (see below) and digital outputs with relay function for operation of actuators like contactors, solenoid valves and pumps.

The following analog modules and transmitters are available:

Temperature measurement (standard)Agitator speed measurement (standard)Gas flow measurement (option)pH measurement (standard)pO2 measurement (standard)Foam indication (standard)Pressure measurement (option)Redox measurement (option)Agitator current measurement (standard)Level (load) measurement (option)General input measurement (option)

The general input measurement can be used e.g. for signals from instruments measuring O2 and CO2 in exit gas, turbidity and glucose.

The digital output modules can be delivered in different executions. As a standard the system has 16 digital outputs with switching AC operating voltage up to 220 V, 2A. The outputs are controlled by the program, but can also be manually actuated by the operator from the MMI.


The standard system consists of the following modules:

Power moduleCPUModule with 16 digital outputsModule with 16 digital inputsModule with 8 analog inputsModule with 4 analog outputsCommunication moduleTransmitters for pH and pO2 Module for foamSoftware for fermentation control (including sequence program and PID control)Software for operator unit (PC Operator Program)

All sensors and cables to the control actuators are normally included in the system.

The system allows the user to build process sequences with up to 12 phases, each with individual subroutines for Heating, Sterilisation, Cooling, Fermentation, Emptying etc.

Additional to the controllers the digital outputs can be actuated by limit values that can be set in each phase. Alarms and timers can also be trigged by limit values.

Step to next phase in the sequence can either be made automatically by user selected step conditions or manually.

The sensors can be individually calibrated, automatically using reference values and two point calibration, or, if the characteristics of the sensor are known, the calibration values can be entered manually. The measured value of e.g. pH can be temperature compensated by entering a compensation constant.

Printing of the measured values, including current settings of digital outputs, can be done. Selection of printing interval in each phase of the process is done in the definition menu.

Setpoint and other control parameters can be changed during run without interrupting the program execution.

A battery back up retains the process parameters in RAM to ensure smooth restart after a power failure.

Supervision of the process from any computer in local network can be done by using an optional program module (PC Viewer Program).

Recommended PC-hardware for the Operator Unit

(not part of standard delivery)

A personal computer (PC) with a Pentium (or compatible) processorA minimum of 128 Mb of memory for WNT/W2K/WXPAt least 1 GB of free hard disk spaceA Windows compatible industrial standard keyboardA Windows compatible mouseA Windows-supported graphics adapter card (SuperVGA.)A PC-compatible colour monitorA Serial port for communication with the control systemWindows compatible printer (network/local)

Required PC-software for the Operator Unit

Microsoft WNT/W2K/WXP operating system PC Operator Program for WNT/W2K/WXP

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